woman-1030920_1920 Healing the Past
Healing the Past

Healing the past?
You do not need to go into the past in order to heal it.
The past will arise in each moment.
As a thought, as an emotion, as a reaction.
As a trigger, as a pain, as an illness, as an ailment…
All of this is the past arising in you in the present.
You do need to go looking into the ‘story’ of the past, in order to heal it.
Yes, this can be helpful.
Sometimes through this process, you can gain more clarity, more understanding and more compassion for yourself and others around the situation.
BUT you do not need to do this in order to heal the past.
All you need to do is stay acutely present with yourself when the story, or pain, or reaction arises in the present moment.

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Healing the Past

All you need to do is…
1) Recognize that this is the past arising in you.
2) Have kindness and compassion towards your self around the situation and what is being triggered in you (and kindness to the part that may find it hard to be kind to yourself)
3) Allow yourself to breathe into and stay with the current sensations, feelings and emotions as they arise – without judging, blaming, analysing or trying to change them. Literally, just move towards them, remain curious and try to stay with yourself throughout the process.

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By doing this, you are healing the past.
Not by going into the past, but by coming more deeply into this moment.
Each time you stay with yourself through this process, you are healing another layer.
Each time you stay with yourself, you are becoming more present.
Until one day on some level, you start to realize that these ‘layers’ have always only ever been in the mind and the mind alone.
Yes we have come to earth at this time to heal and integrate these ‘layers’
But in truth, there is a part of you…the part of you that YOU TRULY ARE.
That has, and will always be, fully whole, complete and healed in this very moment.
When healing the past – always remember this part of You…
From this space, ‘healing’ can be made easier.
From this place, the concept of ‘healing’ and ‘past’ actually don’t exist

Sophie is a registered psychotherapist and mindfulness-based counsellor specialising in transpersonal and spiritual counselling as well as leading meditation and healing retreats outside London at the beautiful Eridge Park.

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