There are two main ways to navigate the site, either through Retreat Listings or Retreat Events.

Retreat Listings Vs Retreat Events.

Retreat Listings are where you will find extended information about a retreat including videos of the teachings and the retreat itself, a detailed map, photographs, amenities, social profiles,  telephone number and website, testimonials and more. You will also find Upcoming Retreat Events on the sidebar of the Retreat Listing as shown below. Retreat Events are events that being held at the Retreat Listing. A Retreat Listing may have one or more Upcoming Retreat Events. A Retreat Listing is where a Retreatant can make a more general enquiry, whereas a Retreat Event is where a Retreatant can make a formal (non-binding) enquiry into a particular Retreat Event.



Retreat Listings
Retreat Listings can be searched through the homepage using the searches as displayed below:

Retreat Events
Retreat Events can also be searched through by clicking on the button ‘Upcoming Events’ at the top of the homepage, as displayed below:


This will bring you to the Retreat Events Homepage which shows all bookable retreat events by Retreat Listings. As shown below:



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