It is not easy to market a yoga retreat, but I think that the old ways of doing it through putting up flyers and word of mouth are not as efficient as doing it through digital marketing. Connecting with others through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and the rest is not only free but a great way to spread the word about your retreat. I would also recommend having a blog and making sure that it has keywords within it that are easy to rank on Google and other search platforms.

We have set up a platform for people to list their retreat completely for free, it is not a paid service, allowing free advertising for your retreat with no charge for people to make enquiries.  However, we know that sometimes people need an extra boost to get their retreat noticed more. We can create a highly effective post for you using pictures from your retreat listing or a video(if you have one to share) and add a URL link to your retreat listing or to your website. Therefore, we offer the services below to help you get more enquiries:

1. Pay Per Click Promotion

We can get clicks to your website by creating an advertisement on our website with a link to your retreat for a fraction of the cost of Google Adwords.

2. Guest Post

Boost your traffic to your site with a guest post on our website, together we can find a title which resonates with what you offer and do some keyword search to find a title which is easy to rank for on Google and other search engines. We will then pass on the title to our copywriter, who will write an SEO optimised article which features your retreat and a link to your website. Improving your domain authority and traffic.

3. Social Media Promotion

We can boost your listing by promoting your Retreat Listing to our followers on InstagramFacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.  With over 30k combined followers, you can be sure that your retreat is seen by many potential clients.
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4. Newsletter Promotion

We can boost your listing by promoting your Retreat Listing to our followers by featuring you in our monthly newsletter. Click here to find out more.

5. Feature Your Retreat

We give your retreat a boost by having it featured on the sidebar in our featured retreats widget as well as appearing at the top of the search results! Watch the number of your enquiries grow! Click here to find out more.