Going on retreat can be intense and can bring up issues that can be difficult to deal with on your own. That is why we have teamed up with Sophie Nevill, a registered psychotherapist and mindfulness counsellor. She specialises in transpersonal and spiritual counselling and has over 9 years of experience practising and teaching meditation. She offers one to one sessions either online or at her practice in London.

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After experiencing various Awakening experiences at a young age, Sophie has become ever more deeply and acutely aware of her own true Self beyond the sense of a person. Recognizing her essential ‘no-thingness’ and yet her very real manifested earthly human self, Sophie aims to hold this level of Awareness with every client she meets. To gently and compassionately hold both their ‘human’ and their ‘being’ aspect, without bypassing either. It is Sophie’s experience that when life is seen and experienced more and more from this ‘being’ aspect – the innate and infinite silence that we essentially are, the world starts to become a much lighter, easier and more fulfilling place. From this place, one can then start to see all their human parts, both the light and the dark, from a higher perspective and thus move towards them with greater acceptance, love, forgiveness and compassion. It is Sophie’s belief that only from this place of compassion and understanding for both ourselves and others, can we truly start to come into wholeness and our divine-human potential now. From this place, we can truly start to live the life of our dreams.

Sophie is also currently leading retreats outside London.

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