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Essential Oil Burner

Imagine breathing in the warm, woody and comforting aroma of sandalwood wafting through your lounge while enjoying some downtime. Or ...
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Eco Yoga Mats – Top 6

Practising Yoga encourages you to live your life in a much more conscious way, making choices that are best for ...
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Oil in Oil Burners

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know that the artificial ingredients fragrances found in regular household air fresheners ...
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What are the Best Essential Oil Brands in the UK?

Best Essential Oil Brands in the UK Used for many centuries since the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese, essential oils come ...
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Meditation Cushions – Top 11

Meditation cushions are the best remedy for those uncomfortable moments when you’ve been sitting in a cross-legged position for a ...
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Yoga Blankets – Top 11

We love yoga blankets! Yoga blankets, Mexican yoga blankets, cotton yoga blankets or just a meditation shawl are the must-have item ...
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Yoga Rug – Top 10

A Eco yoga mat, Mysore yoga rug or Ashtanga yoga rug is, without doubt, of the best things to happen ...
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