forest-1950402_1920 Reflections

The Light is Coming

The Light is coming dear one. Stand strong in your hearts. And minds.Do not allow yourself to go off into ...
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maze-2264 Reflections

COVID-19 and the Middle Way

At this time we do not want to pretend like nothing is happening. We do not want to ignore the ...
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Reflections-on-death Reflections

Reflection on Death

I haven't written personally for a long time, life has been busy and though I have kept a journal for ...
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tom-barrett-hvvRg72aXCw-unsplash-1 Reflections

Healing the Shadow 

Healing the Shadow Healing the shadow does not come about through shame. We heal it through forgiveness, kindness and understanding ...
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conscious-sexuality Reflections

Conscious Sexuality

To do anything consciously means to become aware of what we are doing and why. Much of our lives, including ...
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evening-567840_1920 Reflections

Healing the Past

HEALING THE PAST Healing the past? You do not need to go into the past in order to heal it ...
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secret-3120483_1920 Reflections

Embracing the Unknown

Embracing the Unknown How do we embrace the unknown? Well most of the time, whether consciously or not We like ...
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panorama-1993645_1920 Reflections

Authentic Connection

AUTHENTIC CONNECTION TRULY MEETING AN-OTHER How can we have an authentic connection with others? Well, firstly it is in understanding ...
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love-cute-portrait-beautiful-happy-girl-1432895-pxhere.com_ Reflections

Kindness to Self

LOVE LETTER TO SELF I love you. I've got you, all of you. Whether we're in a relationship or single, ...
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dollar-499481_1920-e1508411106190 Reflections

Monetization of Spirituality

An issue that I found that comes up when embracing spirituality is how it relates to money. Money and spirituality ...
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