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Christian Retreats in the UK – Top 10

For those of you looking to explore your relationship with God, escape from the chaos of everyday life and deepen ...
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Ayahuasca Retreats Europe

For decades, spiritual seekers and lost souls have been flocking to retreat centres and remote huts in the Amazon rainforest ...
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What is a Retreat?

What is a Retreat? Retreats are the perfect opportunity to escape and unplug, to disconnect from the pressures of everyday ...
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Women’s Retreat – Top 20

A women's retreat 2019 is one of the biggest trends for travel and they look set to grow over the ...
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Yoga Retreat Bali – Top 20

One of the most beautiful locations on earth to enjoy a blissful yoga retreat in Bali. There’s simply no other ...
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UK Yoga Retreats – Top 18

What better way to spend some spare days in the UK than heading off to a yoga retreat for some ...
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Retreats for Depression

Depression is a massive global health problem which continues to grow. According to the World Health Organisation, an estimated 300 ...
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Tantra Retreats

How to Find The Perfect Tantra Retreat for You Tantra retreats are enjoying a real surge in popularity at the ...
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